Companion Plants That Repel Pests And Help Your Entire Garden Grow

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7 min readMay 12, 2021

These are all good companion plants for the gardener looking to make the most of their garden space and improve the overall production of the entire garden now and in future seasons.

When you are choosing plants to grow in your garden it never hurts to take a look at what you can plant that will help improve your soil, attract pollinators, and repel garden pests so that your entire garden can grow and thrive.

I’ve been gardening as a hobby for several years now, but I never really delved deep into the hows and whys. I just plant what I like to eat and then end up fighting a losing battle with pests and disease.

I actually only very recently learned about the concept of “Companion Planting”. If you don’t know of it either, it’s absolutely brilliant! I saw it on a show about homesteads and how to live a more self-sustaining daily life for yourself and your family.

What is companion planting?

Basically, companion planting is the art of grouping different plants together to grow so that they help one another out — either because they have similar nutrient requirements, growth habits, or pest-repelling abilities.

A classic example of companion planting is the Three Sisters trio of plants -maize (or corn), climbing beans, and winter squash. Native American communities took advantage of each plant’s different qualities that helped its neighboring plant.

For instance, the tall corn supports the climbing beans which in turn provide precious nitrogen to the soil. The low-growing squash shades the ground to help retain moisture (also known as living mulch) while its big, prickly leaves discourage weeds and pests.

Companion planting isn’t really an exact science and many plants offer more than one benefit to a host of other plants.

But beware, some companion plants also come with downsides and don’t play well with certain other plants (like onions and beans or peas). Just be sure to do your research of the proper dos and don’ts of companion planting and you’ll be just fine!

Read on for our quick and dirty companion planting guide with tips on what plants to incorporate into your…



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