Whistler, Canada: An Eco-Friendly Destination for Your Green Travel Bucket List

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6 min readFeb 25, 2020

Imposing mountain vistas, sparkling rivers and lakes, ancient forests and fresh mountain air make Whistler, Canada, a leading environmentally-friendly destination for nature lovers and thrillseekers alike.

Aside from its abundance of natural beauty, this mountainous area of British Columbia is an iconic paradise for skiers and snowboarders.

As with all ski resorts, Whistler’s economy depends on reliable, annual snowfall. As the planet warms and freak weather events become more frequent, the issue of climate change is a hot topic in these mountains.

Travelers too are taking their responsibilities to the environment seriously, seeking out more carbon-friendly destinations or adopting planet-friendly practices.

For the carbon-conscious skier, Whistler is a leading choice. After all, Vail Resorts, owner of Whistler Blackcomb, are leading the way in the green ski revolution.

Their Epic Promise to a Zero Carbon Footprint has already started to have an impact. They’ve invested US$2.4 million into energy upgrades including more LED lighting and 168 high-efficiency, automated snow guns. This move alone led to a decrease of 37,511 million metric British thermal units and put it a quarter of the way towards its 2030 energy-efficiency goal.

Local businesses and hotels are in on the act too, cutting their carbon and encouraging visitors to do the same. So before you consider scrapping your winter ski trip, read our handy guide for the carbon-conscious.

Where to stay

The majority of hotels in Whistler now take action to reduce their carbon footprint. However, some are going the extra mile to encourage guests and staff to green up. Enjoy comfort without the guilt at one of our top eco-friendly stays.

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